LG 86TR3PJ-B 86'' UHD IR-touch Type CreateBoard

UHD IR-type Touch CreateBoard Brightness : 390 nit (w/o Glass, Typ.) Multi Touch Point : 20 Points (Max.) Interface : HDMI (3), RGB (1), Audio In (1), RS-232C In (1), RJ45 (1), USB 3.0 Type A (3), USB 2.0 Type A (1), USB 3.1 Type C (1), Audio Out / Optical Output, Touch USB (2)
True Interactivity for Bringing People Together When the teacher marks it on the TR3PJ, it is displayed on the students' electronic device screens at the same time. * 86 inch * All images are for illustrative purposes only. ** Video Conferencing Solutions need to be purchased separately. Multi Touch & Writing The TR3PJ series can simultaneously use up to 20 points of multi touch. This function offers a lifelike board writing experience and makes collaboration much easier. Three children are drawing on the TR3PJ at the same time. The screens of students' laptops and teacher's mobile are being shared to the display. ScreenShare Pro Upgrade With the newly upgraded ScreenShare Pro, which enables to show a maximum of six shared screens or a file on a screen in real-time, it has enhanced usability by allowing users to share Chromecast, Airplay and Miracast mirroring on the same network. * ScreenShare Pro is a Wi-Fi based software and supported by separated application. ** All devices should be connected within the same network. A teacher is having a class and the screen on the display is being shared to each students' laptop. Air Class Air Class supports connecting up to 30 students and offers interactive classes by using mobile devices equipped with web browsers, providing a variety of tools such as voting, answering, and sharing project texts. Display Power Management function to manage power more efficiently. DPM (Display Power Management) By activating DPM function, the display can be set to be on only when there is an input signal, which enables more efficient power management. Engineering Drawing class with TR3PJ's annotation tool using Un-do and Re-do functions. Annotation Upgrade At annotation tool mode, ‘Un-do’ and ‘Re-do’ functions provide enhanced user experience. (Annotation tool can be used on any source.) * Un-do : Moves one step back Re-do : Moves one step forward A woman searching for information using the web browser. Web Browser The TR3PJ series supports the web browser* in the Android OS**, so you can search the web easily and quickly, without connecting to an external desktop. * Network-based Function ** The Android OS is updated to 9.0 ver. System-on-a chip integrated with Android OS and free apps. All-in-One The TR3PJ series integrates both Android OS and Free apps into a high performance SoC, without a PC. Secure Mode Secured mode disables screen mirroring options for SSP (Screen Share Pro), which is an application that enables screen sharing between mobile devices and the display, to prevent any unauthorized contents to be shown via screen sharing functions in various devices. Secure Mode for blocking unauthorized contents. Built-in OPS Slot allows users to connect to an external desktop easily, which provides more expanded functions. Built-in OPS Slot The TR3PJ series supports OPS slots, allowing you to easily and conveniently mount OPS desktop at the back of the interactive digital board with internal power delivery. USB is not being able to be connected to a display for security. USB Block The USB Block Mode that helps secure and prevent data from being copied into unauthorized devices in advance, which is essential for being used in space where security is critical. Partial Capture Users can select the desired area of the screen to crop the image and store that in internal memory. Also, TR3PJ allows that send cropped images directly to email or note apps. A woman captures part of the TR3PJ and explains it to the man. Three people are gathered in a conference room, having a virtual meeting with other people who are appearing on the screen. Bluetooth Connectivity TR3PJ supports Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to various devices such as speaker, mouse, keyboard, etc. This is optimized for building a hybrid environment so that online and offline meetings and classes can proceed with ease.
More Information
Manufacturer LG
Screen Size 86'' Diagonal
Panel IPS
Screen Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 (UHD)
Built-In PC Optional PC
Product Dimensions 1957×1160×87mm
Shipping Dimension 2110×225×1283mm
Shipping Weight 80.7Kg