OneScreen Canvas 75" 4k UHD TouchScreen with Built-In Core i7 PC - 10 Points Touch

A highly responsive, 4K touchscreen with state-of-the-art hardware and built-in Android 5 OS with MiraCast

• 4K Ultra HD resolution that creates a brilliant screen display.
• Built-In Core i7 PC with 8GB Ram, 120GB SSD Drive + 1TB HDD and Windows 10 Professional
• Built-In Wireless Image Casting from iOS / Android / Windows and MAC PCs
• Built-In Whiteboarding Feature also enables you to annotate on any screen without any software.
• Annotate freely on any Image shown on Screen, even on a TV or PlayStation or XBOX or Apple TV.
• Built-in Wi-Fi, which allows the touchscreen to be leveraged on its own.
• Connects with any Windows or Mac desktop or laptop.
• 10 point touch that requires no pressure, and multi-touch features that create ease-of-use.
• Multiple input/output ports that enable customization with any PC.
• Download and use any Android 5 application from Play Store.
• Ships with easy annotation software and wireless Logitech keyboard.



Say Good Bye to old times Interactive Whiteboards with Projectors and external speakers solution, OneScreen Canvas delivers all of the functionalities with extremely powerful and advanced features in the same manner. No need to worry about replacing projector lamps, filters, cables, image correction, image calibration or dedicating a computer or laptop for each classroom. OneScreen covers all of these issues and practically requires no maintenance at all.


Ultra High Definition for Enhanced Image Clarity

OneScreen Canvas offers UHD Resolution in all of its available sizes. We chose UHD Displays in order to make sure that the quality of the image and colors remains same for years. Commercial Grade UHD Display enables you to use it for longer hours without any hassle. Traditional projectors and interactive whiteboard solutions does not offer resolution beyond WXGA, while OneScreen Canvas offers 4 times higher resolution that interactive whiteboard and projection solution.


OneScreen Canvas offers Built-In PC with two flavors depending on customers requirement, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7. That means you always have the option to choose the Computer based on your technical requirement. Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and Built-In PC is open to any external software that you want to add without any difficulties.


Unlike Interactive Whiteboards, OneScreen Canvas offers various sizes of interactive panels to choose from. Whether you need it for small room or for large sized room, we have got all the sizes based on every room requirement.


OneScreen Canvas is not just a Touch Monitor, but it allows multiple people to work on the same screen. It supports upto 10 Finger Touches simultaneously, so if you are planning for a brainstorming session, then just go ahead. OneScreen Canvas also supports Native human gestures to control the screen like zooming in and out by pinching the screen and rotate and move things naturally as you do on a regular surface.


Dual Operating System

OneScreen Canvas recommends to use Microsoft Windows 10 Professional for better security and better features to be enabled and gives users the ultimate experience of using OneScreen Canvas to its full potential. That’s why all OneScreen Canvas comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Pre-Installed.

Taking the advantage of 10 Points Touch Interactive Panel, OneScreen is the only solution available in the market offering the Latest Operating System in Android for Interactive Panels. OneScreen Canvas comes with Android Lollipop Operating System and offers full functionality including the Google Play for Applications installation on Android Platform.

Unmatched 3 Years Warranty

OneScreen offers unmatched warranty on its products, giving customers the satisfaction and peace of mind by providing

(1) First Year Hardware Replacement Warranty *

(2)Extended 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty

More Information
Manufacturer OneScreen
Built-In PC Core i7
Product Dimensions 69.4" x 42.0" x 4.2"
Shipping Dimension 77" x 54" x 12"